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Voting reminder: tomorrow, February 7, vote on general obligation bonds

Tomorrow there will be a small vote on two general obligation bonds. One will be $125 million to support APS, and the other will be $60 million dollars to support TVI

These are mill-levy bonds, which means that they will have no direct effect except on property taxes. They are also replacing existing bonds which are expiring, so, if they pass, property taxes stay the same. If they fail, property taxes could conceivably drop.

Click here to find out where to vote

Albuquerque Public Schools

$125 million General Obligation Bond to assist with:

* funding for new schools
* new school land acquisition
* classroom additions and renovations at a number of schools including:
o classroom addition/media center improvements at Navajo Elementary
o kindergarten addition at Whittier Elementary School
o classroom addition at James Monroe Middle School
o new specialty/vocational wing at Manzano High School
* technology allocation at all schools
* additional funds for portable classrooms

Albuquerque Technical-Vocational Institute (TVI)

$60 million for major capital outlay projects in all quadrants of the TVI District, including:

* multi-purpose instructional facility at the Main Campus in midtown Albuquerque
* bookstore/student success center at the Joseph M. Montoya Campus in the far Northeast Heights
* aviation training facility on the Northwest Side
* instructional facility on the Northwest Side
* acquisition of additional land and installation of infrastructure at a future campus on the Southwest Mesa
* renewal and replacement projects at all existing campuses

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