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Purikura [03 Mar 2010|09:36pm]

Does anyone know of a Purikura photo booth in or around Albuquerque??
I'm not talking the kind where you get a 2 strips of 3 or 4 different poses, I'm talking the Sticky Pix kind.
A looooooong time ago most "Limited Too" stores had one of these machines.

(* Purikura booth and Purikura photo sheet. *)

Please help!!!
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RAY STEVENSON [08 Apr 2009|06:31am]

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Sorry, crossposted [16 Jul 2008|11:25am]

Does anyone go to CNM and are taking net courses? I've noticed that they say "Arranged" for when the classes are held. What does this mean? Are there set times for most of the distance ed courses?
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stuff for sale [14 Aug 2007|02:12pm]

My dearest friends and people who read these. I have reached a low point. I NEED MONEY SO I am seling many many of my books and some personal items to reach my goal of $600 to keep me afloat and get what I need to pay for awhile so here they are. heck some are books for the fall maybe youse guys need some.

1. Pathophysiology: Kathryn L. McCance (Paperback, 2005)
2. Controlling Stress and Tension: Daniel A. Girdano (Paperback, 2000)
3. A.D.A.M. Student Atlas of Anatomy: Todd R. Olson (Paperback, 1996)
4. Human Anatomy & Physiology: Marieb (Hardcover, 2003)
5. Art Notebook to Accompany Foundations in Microbiology: Arthur Talaro (Paperback, 2004)
6. Microbiology: Nancy M. Boury (Paperback, 2005)
7. 2006 Lippincott's Nursing Drug Guide: Amy M. Karch (Paperback, 2005)
8. A Writer's Reference: Hacker (Paperback, 1999)
9. Quarterlife Crisis: Abby Wilner (Paperback, 2001)
10. The Ultimate Crafts Compendium: 300 Beautiful Easy-To-Make Craft Projects for the Home, Photographed Step-By-Step (Hardcover, 2000)
11. Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (Hardcover, 2005)
12. Pocket Anatomy: Chris Joseph (Hardcover, 2006)
13. Pledged: Alexandra Robbins (Paperback, 2005)
14. Sailor Moon Super S: Naoko Takeuchi (Paperback, 1999)
15. Sailor Moon the Novels: Naoko Takkeuchi (Paperback, 1999)
16. Sailor Moon the Novels: Lianne Sentar (Paperback, 2000)
17. Sailor Moon the Novels: Lianne Sentar (Paperback, 1999)
18. Sailor Moon the Novels: Naoko Takeuchi (Paperback, 1999)
19. Sailor Moon the Novels: Anita Sengupta (Paperback, 2000)
20. Sailor Moon Scout Guide Meet Sailor Moon (Paperback, 2000)
21. Sailor Moon the Novels: Lianne Sentar (Paperback, 2000)
22. Toxic Parents: Susan Forward (Paperback, 2002)
23. An Introduction to Human Disease (Hardcover, 2006)
24. Clinical Nursing Skills: Barbara C. Martin Rn (Paperback, 2003)
25. Anatomy and Physiology: Kevin Patton (Paperback, 2003)
26. Anatomy & Physiology: Gary A. Thibodeau (Hardcover, 2003)
27. Study Guide for Anatomy and Physiology: Linda Swisher (Paperback, 2003)
28. Lady and the Tramp (DVD, 2006)
UPC: 786936284058 | Comments: Brand New Never watched, I was given two copies so now Im selling one
29. Tenchi Muyo wall scroll
30. NEWTinkerbell Handbag/Purse
31. lavender prestige medical stethoscope
32. Making Literature Matter: John Clifford (Paperback, 1999)
33. Mosby's 2007 Nursing Drug Cards: Joseph A. Albanese (Paperback, 2007) NEVER USED!!!!!!!
34. Family Guy - Volume 2: Season 3 (DVD, 2003)
35. Gilmore Girls - The Complete First Season: Alexis Bledel (DVD, 2004)
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UNM Poetry Slam Championship [14 Feb 2007|11:58am]

Thursday February 15th,
University of New Mexico Student Union Building Ballroom
7:00 PM Sign-Up
Musical Guests: Ya Ya Boom Project.

Loboslam will have its slam-off to determine this year's team to represent the University of New Mexico at the 2007 College Unions Poetry Slam held at Eastern Michigan University in April.

The slam is open to all student, faculty, and staff of UNM and CNM. Get there early to slam. Spaces are limited.

Cost is a suggested donation of $3 for students $5 for general admission but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

For more info e-mail loboslam@unm.edu
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Tax-free school supplies [05 Aug 2006|07:11pm]

Today and tomorrow (Sunday) many retailers are participating in the NM sales-tax free weekend for school supplies.

Here's what KOB.com had to say about it:

Stores will be able to stop charging gross receipts taxes on school supplies, clothes and shoes, as long as each item costs less than $100.

If you need a new computer, computers under $1,000 are tax-free, as well as many of the essential accessories under $500 like monitors, printers and keyboards.

Stores aren’t required to honor the tax holiday, but most are expected to.

I know Wal-Mart, Target and Office Depot are definitely doing this.

(cross-posted to albuquerque, unm_lobos and abq_tvi)
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need a ride [21 Jul 2006|05:34pm]

hey, is anyone from rio rancho going to the main campus for the new semester. If so let me know and maybe we can discuss carpooling
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TVI is now CNM [03 Jun 2006|10:51am]

Hey! I see that TVI has changed its name to CNM (Central New Mexico Community College). Any opinions here?
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UNM Poetry Slam Championship [22 Feb 2006|01:26pm]

UNM Word Revolution Poetry Club Presents:

The UNM Poetry Slam Championship

Where: UNM Student Union Building
Higher Grounds
When: Thursday February 23rd
Sign-up 7:00PM
How Much: FREE
With Special Guest Hosts: Tony Santiago and Lee Francis

Slam open to ALL UNM and TVI Students, Faculty, and Staff.
Top four placers will be the UNM Slam Team to compete
at the College National Poetry Slam
at Texas State University, San Marcos, April,2006.

Come read on the open mic. Come Slam. Come watch. Come down and support!
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Voting reminder: tomorrow, February 7, vote on general obligation bonds [06 Feb 2006|01:14pm]

Tomorrow there will be a small vote on two general obligation bonds. One will be $125 million to support APS, and the other will be $60 million dollars to support TVI

These are mill-levy bonds, which means that they will have no direct effect except on property taxes. They are also replacing existing bonds which are expiring, so, if they pass, property taxes stay the same. If they fail, property taxes could conceivably drop.

Click here to find out where to vote

click for more details on the bondsCollapse )

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Bond Vote [01 Feb 2006|05:06pm]

There's a vote on Tuesday, February 7 on the subject of raising funds for TVI and APS via General Obligation Bonds. Click here for more information.

(Cross-posted to albuquerque, nm_vote, abq_tvi and elegantelbow)
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[30 Jan 2006|04:22pm]

Hello, Everyone.

Please do me and yourself a great, big, huge favor, and

Thank You.

NOTE: This appears to be an announcement that was circulated in 2004 - when this program was instituted. Meaning, it wasn't 'over this weekend'. The information, though, is still clearly posted on the Harvard Financial Aid Fact Sheet. [http://fao.fas.harvard.edu/fact_sheet.htm]

Christ - why isn't this a bigger deal?!?!


Harvard University announced over the weekend [February 2004] that from now on undergraduate students from low-income families will pay no tuition. In making the announcement, Harvard's president Lawrence H. Summers said, "When only 10 percent of the students in Elite higher education come from families in lower half of the income distribution, we are not doing enough. We are not doing enough in bringing elite higher education to the lower half of the income distribution."

If you know of a family earning less than $40,000 a year with an honor student graduating from high school soon, Harvard University wants to pay the tuition. The prestigious university recently announced that from now on undergraduate students from low-income families can go to Harvard for free...no tuition and no student loans! To find out more about Harvard offering free tuition for families making less than $40,000 a year visit Harvard's financial aid website at:

http://fao.fas.harvard.edu/ or call the school's financial aid office at

(617) 495-1581.



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Does anyone here have kids? [26 Jan 2006|05:41pm]

I am a former TVI student, AA in Elementary Education, and I am currently attending NMHU's Rio Rancho campus to get my BA in Teaching. I am currently enrolled in a children's literature class and, as a part of my class, have to tutor a school-aged child for 10 sessions. The tutoring will focus on reading skills and reading comprehension. I will bring library books with me to read with the child, as well as a prepared lesson plan/activity to do with the child. This is completely free and I can either come to your home or I would be more than happy to have the child over at my house if you need to run errands. The tutoring sessions will last no more than 1 hour. I can also do weekends and nights.
I know this approach is a little unconventional, but I don't know anyone with school-aged children. I am very anxious to get this started, because my class at NMHU ends in early March.
I would like to meet with you before the tutoring so we can go over any questions you may have, and if you would like to, I could give you my instructor's contact information.

If any of you are interested, or know someone that would be interested, please pass this along!!!!! My name is Jennifer and my number is 265-0793.
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Goodbye, TVI! :-) [03 Dec 2005|10:59am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I'm graduating from TVI this term too, as pink_waters is graduating.

I'll miss quite a few things about TVI:
~ Classes with less than 35 people in them.
~ Great classes with instructors like John Griffin, Xeturah Woodley, Julie Dunlop, and Bill Meador.
~ The ease it was for me to make friends in every class I took during my time at TVI.
~ The computer lab at Montoya Campus, where there was always a computer open for me to use when I needed it.

Stuff I won't miss at all about TVI:
~ The crowded bookstore, with lines at least a mile long every single term.
~ The bad food in the cafeteria that almost always gave me food poisoning.
~ Packed parking lots, especially at Montoya campus.
~ Those damn high school kids that don't know the meaning of quiet while instructors were teaching.

I definitely look forward to continuing my education at UNM starting in January. I'll enter as a Psychology major with a minor in American Studies. :-)

I wish all of you that are still going to attend TVI for a while the best of luck on your college careers and on your finals this term...

...and for those of us that are graduating this term...CONGRATS! WE MADE IT! :-)

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Farewell TVI [03 Dec 2005|10:03am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So, I am graduating this term. I'm actually going to miss this place... TVI I mean.

Here are some things I will miss:
Steven Andrews' classes (especially the Vietnam class)
Working at the IMR
Computer labs

Here are some things I will not miss:
The bookstore
Bad TVI cafeteria food
Packed elevators
Right out of High School, "OMG" kids

Well, I wish you all good luck with finals, and good luck with the rest of your time at TVI!

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JUST A REMINDER [19 Oct 2005|02:04pm]



Thursday, October 20th
7:00 PM
UNM Student Union Building, Higher Grounds

Bring your best poetry or music for the open mic
and poetry slam!

Featuring special musical guest: Paperzoo

UNM Word Revolution Poetry Club
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UNM POETRY SLAM AND OPEN MIC [18 Oct 2005|06:54pm]


Thursday, October 20th
7:00 PM
UNM Student Union Building, Higher Grounds

Bring your best poetry or music for the open mic
and poetry slam!

Featuring special musical guest: Paperzoo

UNM Word Revolution Poetry Club
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UNM Poetry Slam [29 Sep 2005|05:55pm]



Higher Grounds, UNM Student Union Building

UNM Word Revolution Poetry Club presents the 2005 UNM Poetry Slam Team!
College National Finalists at the College Unions Poetry Slam!
Open Mic to follow!
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PTK? [27 Sep 2005|02:47pm]

[ mood | confused ]

For those that applied to Phi Theta Kappa over the summer break:
Have you heard from anyone yet? I was invited to apply and I turned in the application and the fee and whatnot, and I still have not heard if I've been accepted or not. What the heck is the hold up?

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Media Request [07 Sep 2005|07:14pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Howdy, ya'll. My name is Samantha Scott and I work for the TVI Times. I'm working on a Times article regarding FEMA's request that the media not photographically document Hurricane Katrina's victims. If you are a student, staffer, or faculty member at TVI and have an opinion on this, please contact me via the comments or via e-mail @ mercy_buckets@hotmail.com


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